Celebrating Earl William's 100th Birthday!

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Episode One: The Legacy of "Starduster"

"Starduster" is a WWII combat veteran with 10 months of flying over Nazi occupied Europe. After the war "Starduster" was transferred 12 times in as many years.  In 1956 "Starduster" was sold to the Bolivian Government as a transport plane.  A landing gear failure cause a rebuild with another B-17 and became a cargo place, where she transported beef carcasses over the Andes and had a cargo door built into the side where the waist gunners position is located.

About B-17 Archaeology

B-17 Archaeology is dedicated to telling the stories of the surviving B-17’s and preserving first hand accounts from the veterans who served on them. During WWII, the B-17's flew over 290,000 missions and dropped more than 640,000 tons of bombs. Over 120,000 airmen served aboard the B-17 and approximately 45,000 of them were killed or wounded during combat.

 The B-17, also known as the “Flying Fortress”, is the only plane to have flown in every theater of the war: from Pearl Harbor to the Aleutian Islands, South Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean.

These stories include the restoration efforts to bring these planes back to their original appearance. Once you sit and listen to some of these amazing stories from the men, and women, who served and worked on the B-17, you will understand exactly why they are part of what has become known as "The Greatest Generation".

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